Vision and Mission

The university takes part in investing in the green environment where there are two projects in process:

  • The installation of heating system 
  • Producing the electrical power


University of Palestine is an academic institution that has its unique vision. The university supports sustainable development at the national level in accordance with the quality standards. 


The university seeks to achieve ingenuity in teaching and invention in the scientific and academic research. In addition, UP aims at generating moral, loyal, and qualified generations to compete with contemporary challenges at the local and international levels.


  • Affiliation Integrity Distinction Respect
  • Teamwork Leadership Transparency Independence
  • Justice Reinforcement of religious and national values


UP focuses on the following objectives:

  • Providing a good environment that encourages staff, students and graduates creativity and affiliation.
  • Establishing and strengthening good relations with Arab, foreign and scientific research institutions.
  • Increasing the number of students of the university to ten thousand.
  • Achieving excellence in scientific and academic research to serve the community.
  • Taking role in shaping distinctive and potential graduates for job market and higher education.
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