Financial Affairs Department

This department is responsible for all the procedures and regulations relating to the financial matters including liabilities, receipts, and payments, journalizing, and accounting books. All the procedures follow the international accounting standards.

The financial affairs department provides financial records by following the best technical and professional international standards to be used by the beneficiaries.
This department introduces the financial information to the decision makers at the university. In addition, this department reinforces the accounting and financial principles to achieve UP objectives and introduce the financial services to the customers.
  • Preparing, tabling, and a following-up approval of the annual budget.
  • Controlling and observing the financial affairs in accordance with the financial system of the university and the international accounting principles.
  • Observing UP accounts in banks and investigating transactions and cash flow. 
  • Preparing the total accounts of UP to be introduced to the concerned sides for approval and confirmation.
  • Introducing monthly and annual reports.
  • Developing and updating the department systems and financial operations.


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