The Legal Clinic

It has been established in the Faculty of law and judicial practice in UP. In 2013, UP received funding for Legal Clinic of the United Nations Program UNDP/PAPP to be a network of legal aid providers in Gaza Strip. The legal clinic in UP has its outstanding role in deploying interactive teaching methods, refining the student's professional skills, and enhancing communication skills with the local community. The legal clinic also serves local community through the provision of education, legal awareness, and employment of different legal sciences to serve the fragile category in the community.  The clinic represents the link between the theoretical and practical study to improve the quality of human rights, and to promote the rule of law, which in turn contributes to restore the confidence of the Palestinian legal and judicial system. The legal clinic has an important role in improving access to the legal system through communication created by the legal clinic between members of the community and vulnerable groups.  

The legal clinic has its leading role in introducing sustainable legal services in Gaza Strip. 

The legal clinic seeks to play an active role in defending human rights, disseminating of legal awareness, and bridging the gap between theoretical study and applied practice.

The legal clinic adopts the following values: Commitment –proficiency- respect – privacy- integrity and transparency.


  1. Offering free legal consultations and legal services to marginalized groups.
  2. Training students of faculty of law and judicial practice and providing them with practical legal skills by linking theory to practice. 
  3. Raising the community legal awareness through holding workshops, study days, and conferences.
  4. Deploying concept, philosophy and ethics of the legal profession, and providing free help through it.
  5. Developing communication and coordination between the Legal Clinic at UP and its counterparts in the Palestinian universities and other relevant institutions. 


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