Faculty of Law and Judicial Practice

This program is one of the new programs at UP. It will contribute to achieving the university orientations and mission based on national strategy of higher education. Also, the program will contribute to developing human thought and community. 

The university administration has offered academic, technical and physical requirements of the program. It also has provided the program with full-time and part-time distinguished lecturers. The university also hired a group of judiciary experts and well-known lawyers to prepare the study plan and the general direction of the Faculty.

This program strives to achieve excellence in the field of law to stay away from the traditional approach in teaching.  The program also looks for innovative alternatives to match the learning needs.


This program aims at improving the future of the Palestinians by developing society and justice to ensure the promotion of integrity and justice. This program works on raising the levels of legal awareness of the national rights and public freedom efficiently and effectively in front of local, regional and international institutions. 


This program attempts to achieve the following goals:
  1. Responding to the needs of the Palestinian society and the challenges of legal science development.
  2. Qualifying graduates to keep pace with global development.
  3. Linking theory to practice in legal studies.
  4. Calling for diversity in the legal profession.
  5. Contributing to the development of local legislations.
  6. Building modern legal framework for public management, civil and social institutions, and local legal thought.
  7. Encouraging legal study and linking it with development and recent problems such as money laundering, computer crimes, disputes concerning intellectual rights, and alternative means of conflict resolution.

Features of the Program

  1. Adopting the latest international academic curriculum in teaching law and getting the needed skills to work directly after graduation.
  2. Setting up the moot court and the negotiating skills hall in order to help students' practice skills and roles of general attorney, prosecutor, and other applied fields.
  3. Using modern electronic means for communication between students and lecturers. 
Program Concentrations:

1. The following programs are taught in Arabic: 

  • International Humanitarian Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Civil Law
  • Business Law
2.The following program is taught in English Law 
3.Law and Administration Program 


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