Scientific and Academic Research Deanship


The scientific and academic research deanship aims at investing all energies and capabilities to exploit them in the achievement of community development and cooperation with local, regional and global community. The deanship strives to be a center of excellence in providing and facilitating all necessary possibilities for studies and research. 
  • Providing facilities that support scientific  and academic research 
  • Supporting qualitative research carried out by faculty members at the university
  • Creating a genuine partnership among all sectors of society and scientific research centers to help meet the needs of contemporary society.
  • Providing and circulating dissemination of research results to public and all sectors of the scientific community 
Goals of the Scientific and Academic Research Deanship 
  • Encouraging the scientific and academic production of faculty members in all scientific and academic fields on an ongoing basis. 
  • Putting the policy for scientific research at the university.
  • Planning the means of implementation through the preparation of the necessary instructions to regulate the affairs of scientific research and follow-up of publication status. 
  • Supporting attendance and participation in conferences and seminars locally, regionally and globally. 
  • Holding specialized scientific conferences and seminars that meet the objectives of the university and increase the interaction with the local community. 
  • Supporting writing and publishing of valuable books and arbitrating them in accordance with standards adopted in the program. 
  • Laying the foundations and conditions needed to maintain the rights of university researchers and related scientific research to not conflict with the patents and copyrights. 
  • Organizing the communication process and cooperation with research centers at home and abroad. 
  • Creating an information base for scientific and academic research at the university to provide the information needed by researchers. 
  • Finding sources of funding for research made, seeking support from inside and outside the university, and giving priority to support scientific and academic research that serve the purposes of development, especially in Palestine and in the Arab world. 


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