Board of Trustees

The members of the board of trustees have expertise and ability to carry out their responsibilities to serve the objectives of the university. Those members represent the university public policy, and they perform the following tasks:

  • standardizing the admission policy.
  • accepting grants and scholarships.
  • studying the rules and strategies presented by the university council.
  • discussing the annual report and evaluating the accomplishment of the university 


Welcome Message from the Chairman of the Board of Trustees

In the Name of Allah the Merciful

University of Palestine, which is only ten years old, is distinguished for big achievements and development at all levels. Up develops education programs in accordance with the quality standards and the latest educational curricula around the world as well.  Up also has recently incorporated new programs to be taught in English as the median langue.  In addition, the university incorporated new courses in engineering such as biomedical engineering and industrial pharmacy engineering.

Upgrading students’ levels is one of the major priorities of UP which is apparent in the level of graduates of the university. Equally important, joining theory to practice is part of the curriculum in UP which helps the university graduates to compete in the work field. Assigning hours of systematic training has a positive impact on the students and their performance in practical life.

Though UP is a private university, it does not exceed the limits of students’ fees in comparison with other local universities. Thus, this policy contributes effectively to the steadfastness of the citizens' participation in the resistance against the siege and the occupation. The university is concerned with supporting students’ ambition, critical thinking, and creativity. In accordance, UP issues a scientific journal, hosts the National Center for Research and supports part of its research. Furthermore, UP has started setting up a typical medical park to serve students in the college of pharmacy, the local community and other universities as well.

UP represents a role model in terms of policy development in a harmonious way among the three major departments at the university.

  • Board of Trustees.
  • Board of Directors.
  • Presidency of the University

We hope that UP continues to evolve and add new courses to serve the community and the nation as well.  We in the Board of Trustees encourage increasing the interaction between the university and all segments of society. For more information about the university, more details can be found on UP site.

God bless you to what is good for the country and the people.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Mr. Farouq Momtaz ALfranji 

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