Faculty of Dental and Oral Surgery

Dental and Oral Surgery program is one of the important programs which will contribute to achieving the university orientations and mission based on national strategic directions of higher education.  

UP has established this program in accordance with the international scientific standards. The academic plan has been prepared by a group of specialists with modern scientific trends. UP administration provides all the academic, technical and physical requirements for the college.

This program provides the students with scientific and practical skills in various fields of dental and oral surgery. This program focuses on the needs of the market, uses technological devices, and supports the strategic directions of higher education to promote development efforts.


This faculty prepares qualified medical staff to provide prevention and treatment services in dental and oral surgery. The Faculty of Dental and Oral Surgery attempts to contribute to the development of society and the achievement of the health care requirements.  The program aims at raising the level of health awareness in e Gaza Strip within scientific and professional controls.


This program attempts to achieve the following goals:

General Goals

  • Meeting the needs of the Palestinian society and the challenges in Medical Sciences.
  • Contributing to the development of medical services in Palestine in general and Gaza Strip in particular.
  • Raising the performance of the profession 
  • Communicating with the outside world.
  • Encouraging studies and applied research on dental and oral surgery.
Specific Goals
  • Preparing qualified graduates in dental and oral surgery.
  • Preparing dental and oral surgery students to meet the requirements of modern and new technology in correspondence with the requirements of health care in the Third Millennium.
  • Developing medical scientific research through seminars.
  • Combining students with public and private health institutions during their study to accommodate them when they graduate.

Features of the Faculty

  • Applying the latest international academic curriculum for teaching dental and oral surgery and manipulating the needed skills.
  • Training students in college clinics, hospitals and various health centers in other areas of dental and oral surgery.
  • Offering many equipped laboratories and clinics to improve students' skills in the field of study and the various applied fields.
  • Teaching courses in English to raise the efficiency of graduates to succeed in keeping up with the modern technology. 
  • Mixing modern technology with traditional methods in the process and using modern electronic media for communication between students and lecturers.
  • Preparing dentists to join postgraduate studies in various fields of dental and oral surgery sciences.
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