Quality and Assurance Unit

Keeping up with the latest academic scientific criteria, UP established quality and assurance unit to improve and develop the performance of all academic and administrative programs. 

Unit Council
This council consists of the head of the Quality and Assurance unit in addition to the representatives of the other colleges, who are the head of their departments
This Quality and Assurance unit aspires to be a leading example in the Arab world through applying the international quality standards.
  1. This unit helps Up to meet the quality standards in Palestine and the world and helps in dissemination of the quality culture among UP students and in community.
  2. Preparing internal self-assessment for all departments and colleges as a pre –step for external assessment.
  3. Supervising the planning of quality and assurance policy in UP.
  4. Establishing a research center to be a reference for data in UP.
  5. Proving public strategies for dissemination of quality concept in education.
  6. Regular defining of the basics and principles of investigation, supervision, and evaluation of the accreditation and development in accordance with local and international changes.
  7. Stimulating, encouraging and rewarding the quality and assurance working teams.
  8. Cooperating with local, Arab, and international quality and assurance units. 
  9. Working on the preparation and development of academic programs of the university to match the World Development Standards.
  10. Holding different training courses and sessions for the application of quality standards. 
  11. Preparing and submitting periodic and annual reports to the university administration. 
  1. Maintaining the Palestinian and international confidence of intended learning outcomes.
  2. Disseminating quality culture, development, and assessment across all academic and administrative programs.
  3. Enriching the values of distinction and competition among the colleges and other centers.
  4. Upgrading the levels of intended learning outcomes for better performance.
  5. Ensuring matching between the administrative and academic performance in accordance with the local and international quality assurance commission.
  6. Ensuring matching the ability of UP graduates with the local, regional, and international job market in the light of the current challenges and changes. 
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