Alumni Unit


This unit aims at achieving excellence and leadership in developing capabilities and skills of the graduates to increase the competition and employment opportunities in the labor market.


The Alumni Unit opens channels of communication between the university and its graduates pursuing and providing them with services needed for raising efficiency and developing their skills. The unit also guides the graduates to the labor market to serve the university and the community. This unit carries out the following tasks: 
  • Providing  certificates and transcripts
  • Adjusting graduates data
  • Implementing a specialized database of human resources of university graduates and making it available to the labor market. 


  • Building private database of graduates including names, specialties, grades, phone numbers and addresses of their residence to communicate with them when necessary.
  • Building a channel of communication between UP graduates and the labor market to help companies and organizations seeking employees to reach them easily. 
  • Providing consulting services for the recruitment of new graduates
  • Creating job opportunities for graduates that commensurate with their specialties and encouraging graduates to take advantage of them. 
  • Conducting exploratory studies on the rate of employment of university graduates and presenting the results to decision-makers.
  • Developing the skills of graduates through the organization of training and reclamation programs tailored to the needs of the labor market. 
  • Instructing graduates how to prepare for a job search. 
  • Providing information on trends of the graduates’ innovative and distinctive programs to be able to market them. 
  • Contributing to the marketing of students’ researches. 
  • Enhancing cooperation between the Alumni Unit at the university and the graduates at other universities. 
  • Organizing an annual meeting for graduates in order to bind the graduate alumnus and link them to their colleague at the university.
  • Publishing a magazine and annual publication name be: (alumni magazine) containing news of interest to graduates.  
  • Creating a page for graduates on the site of the university to be able to update their data and communicate with the university.
  • Issuing innovative and outstanding graduation projects to serve community and the university. 
  • Preparing studies on the required programs in comparison with in excess ones in the job market. 
  • Contributing to the employment of new graduates.
  • Providing necessary information to complete graduate studies.
  • Honoring graduates who occupied leadership positions in various fields. 
  • Investigating UP graduates’ conditions through the preparation of studies and digital indicators that support the compatibility of higher education outputs and labor market requirements in terms of planning, follow-up, assessment, and feedback.
  • Coordinating with associations related to the human resources development and recruitment of UP graduates.
  • Organizing annual day for graduates to meet and display their achievements and outstanding projects. 
  • Setting up workshops on job search skills including writing a CV, personal interviews, filling out employment forms, and other skills. 
  • Linking the university with the labor market to introduce the graduates’ names to employers at the end of each semester. 
Alumni Unit Sections
  1. Department of Alumni Relations includes:  public relations and publications.  
  2. Functional improvement department includes: qualifying courses - career counseling group.
  3. Development and follow-up section includes: computer group - community service group.
1. Alumni Relations
Public Relations Group
•    Inviting alumni to participate in various activities of the university.
•    Participating in the celebrations and exhibitions for graduation 
•    Organizing visits, evenings and trips to university graduates.
•    Constructing periodical meetings to university graduates.
•    Celebrating the annual Alumni Day in the second semester; it includes a job fair. 


Publications Group

•    Coordinating with the Admission and Registration for the preparation of UP graduates guide.
•    Setting up a career fair for the recruitment of university graduates.
•    Preparing published forms of available career opportunities. 
•    Issuing regular statistics about UP graduates.
•    Customizing bulletin board for graduates to monitor job advertisements. 


2. Functional Improvement 

Qualifying courses 
•    Establishing training courses to develop the following skills for students expected to graduate: 
  1.  Writing a resume,
  2.  Personal interviews,
  3. Job search.
Counseling Career Group
This group is responsible for:
•    Notifying the graduates in search for job opportunities and employment as possible.
•    Providing   employers with graduates’ data. 
•    Updating the available job vacancies for UP graduates. 
•    Looking into UP graduates situations and positions in both of public and private sectors.


3. Development and follow- up Section
Computer Group
•    Documenting graduates data in a special archive 
•    Updating graduates lists
•    Establishing communications network among graduates.
•     Updating of the unit website.
•     Establishing database for the graduates. 
Community Services Group
•    Supervising graduates in the process of searching and joining higher studies programs. 
•    Utilizing graduates’ expertise to improve the programs and study plans.
•    Activating and supporting UP programs and activities through its graduates.  


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