Media and Communication Program

The progress of modern society is determined by pursuing development in science and technology. This progress in media and satellite broadcasting calls to handle positive and rapid preparation of specialized personnel to keep pace with modernization and development requirements.  

UP has established media and communication program with advanced features. 


 This program seeks to provide students with scientific and practical skills that meet knowledge and technical development in the field of media and communication. 


Preparing qualified graduates in various areas of the media who are able to deal with the information and communication technology.  The graduates of this program should contribute to the development of media institutions and scientific research, and commit to the ethics of the media profession, and preserve the Palestinian cultural identity.


This program attempts to achieve the following goals:

General Goals

  • Raising media awareness among citizens to be able to use the media and understand it better.
  • Building up creativity and innovation in the field of radio and television work.
  • Understanding of radio and television effects whether positively or negatively in the community according to contemporary communication theories.
  • Dealing with foreign media and understanding the factors affecting the media business locally and internationally,
  • Conveying the Palestinian issue to the whole world.
Specific Goals
This program has some specific goals: 
  1. Enhancing press campaigns and press investigation skills.
  2. Writing media in all its various forms.
  3. Photographing, directing and editing 
  4. Preparing and presenting of television and radio programs.
  5. Differentiating between writing for journalism print and writing for visible Media. 
  6. Preparing and producing of all forms of dramatic templates in radio and television.
  7. Producing of all news features on radio and television.
  8. Mastering speech, persuasion, and negotiation through training and simulation models and seminars.
  9. Producing documentaries and short fiction films.
  10. Specializing in different domains such as environmental, educational, health and tactical media.
  11. Experiencing mass media campaigns and understanding the media message directed through it.
  12. Researching, writing and preparing of media studies which serve the community and the Palestinian issue in regional and international forums.

Program Concentrations:

  1. Radio and television.
  2. Press and Publication mail.
  3. Public Relations.


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