Registration and enrollment steps

  • Attending to the university's headquarters located in Al-Zahra City.
  • Going to the queries front desk to get to know the university disciplines and receive a package for university publications, and get answers to any queries.
  • Going to college you wish to join in to allocate the required access to study plans and academic guidance during the study's academic guidance.
  • Going to the Admission and Registration to get ID number, password of the Registrar, and some guidelines for how to fill enrollment-mail request.
  • Delivering papers to the Admission and Registration includes:
  1. The seating number (for new high school students) or a high school diploma, certified by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (the old high school graduates).
  2. Image of personal identity.
  3. Copy of birth certificate.
  4. Four recent photographs.
  5. Intermediate diploma certificate (for diploma students).
  6. Registration fee is 20 JD non-refundable.


Registration begins daily from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm, seven days a week except on Fridays. For more information: 
  1. We hope you visit the university's headquarters located in Gaza - al-Zahra, or call the phone number: 3-2-2632001.
  2. Or visit the university branch located in Khan Younis, Salah al-Din Street, next to the Dar EL-Salaam Hospital, Tel: 2078040.
  3. Or visit the University of North Branch in Sheikh Zayed City .Telephone: 2476080 
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