About University of Palestine

The University of Palestine (UP) is an independent, private, and non-governmental university. The university was established in 2005 in Al-Zahraa’ city, Gaza Strip by a group of investors, academics, and researchers. This group has a great determination towards improving education in Palestine.  UP is looking forward to confirming its mission in order to be a leading university in Palestine. UP offers advanced educational programs utilizing modern technology.  UP effectively contributes to the development of economic and social life of the Palestinian people.

UP is actively engaged with its local community to promote sustainable development in the Palestinian society. The university also works with various local, middle -eastern, international partners and institutions to consolidate cooperation and mutual educational benefits. In this field, UP has an active membership with the following associations:

  • Association of Arab Universities.
  • Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World.
  • United Nations Academic Impact Program.
  • The International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education.
  • The League of quality assurance agencies in the Islamic world.
  • Euro-Mediterranean Universities Union.
  • Southwestern Accreditation Council.
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