More Centers



UPINAR (The UP Seminar System)

It is one of the distinguished electronic services provided to students and instructors. The UPINAR is an online study system where students can follow and review their lectures any time. They can also submit their assignments or listen to the recorded lectures. The UPINAR helps students in downloading e-books, course readings and to get involved in group discussion. In general, both of instructors and the students can make use of the UPINAR for ongoing discussion and learning. 

English Language Proficiency Center – ELPC 

The center offers various English language services and courses to improve English language of the university students and staff as well. The ELPC is an authorized test center for the internet based test of English as a foreign language (TOEFL–iBT). 


Medical and Dental Clinics 
The medical clinic at UP provides general health care services for both students and employees. Likewise, the dental clinic offers many dental services, and is open to local society in affordable price.


The Library
UP has a well-equipped library with more than 30000 paper-book. In addition, there is an electronic library with more than 60000 e-books that serve researchers and students to obtain the latest sources of information and knowledge to conduct research. Accessing information in the e-library is easy, accurate and flexible. 


The Labs
  • 10 computer labs.
  • Multimedia lab.
  • Engineering lab.
  • Crime sense lab.
  • Forensic lab.
  • Dentistry lab. 
  • Nursery lab.



The Moot Court
A moot court is an extracurricular activity in which participants take part in simulated court proceedings. Law students can utilize the design of this court to carry out different roles including the judge, defense, and prosecutor. 


The Conference Assembly 
There are two assembly halls in the university with a capacity of 300 each. Many activities can be held in these halls such as conferences, workshops, seminars and other ceremonies.


The University Stadium 
The stadium of the university occupies an area of 6000 square meters. The playground is open to young people, clubs and sport teams to practice, train and organize local competitions.


Continuing Education and Community Service Center
The Continuing Education and Community Service Center looks forward to developing technical, professional and administrative skills of students and other stakeholders. This center is devoted to organize training courses and celebrate cultural and scientific events.


Debate Center
This recently established center aims to enhance the debate policy among the university students, high school students, and civil organizations. This center builds the needed skills for communication, conversation, critical thinking, argumentation, and acceptance of others’ opinions. 
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