Legal and Administrative Sciences


Computerized Accounting. 

 UP has set up the study plan of this program which is sequentially guided by the university-based principle of selection and adjustment to comply with the quality standards. 
General Goals: 
  • Developing the administrative work to suit the needs of the labor market in the Palestinian community.
  • Providing students with the basics of accounting knowledge, technological and administrative measures necessary for the development of their personalities in multiple stages of education. 
  • Developing their skills and helping them to thrive and adapt in the light of rapid development.
  • Preparing qualified specialists to work in the field of computerized accounting.
  • Developing and stimulating students’ capabilities in the areas of computerized accounting.
  • Strengthening the relationship with the local community and the Arab and international organizations to provide technical expertise, administrative and economic consulting. 
  • Combining theory and practice to upgrade students’ skills to meet the needs of the labor market. 
Specific Goals: 
  • Building students’ knowledge in theory and practice in various accounting applications.
  • Providing students with the necessary skills in line with the philosophy of accounting of modern organizations
  • Enhancing students’ proficiency of various operations such as budgeting and financial planning. 
  • Presenting practical skills to students through field training. 
  • Conducting the needed training to help students dealing with e-accounting software. 

Public Relations and Marketing.

UP has put a study plan for public relations programs and marketing guided by the strategy and philosophy of the university-based principle of selection and adjustment to meet the global quality standards.


This program aims to provide the financial and business sectors in Palestine with highly qualified graduates.  


The program provides professional services within scientific and professional dimensions to meet local market needs and development objectives in Palestine. 


  • Developing students' skills and abilities to plan, implement and control the sales process.
  • Developing effective communication plans that include advertising campaigns, public relations and others.
  • Development scientific research and its applications in the field of marketing skills.
  • Developing computer skills and programs related to scheduling tasks of the promotional campaigns and marketing operations. 


Legal Assistant. 




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