Faculty of Information Technology

The Faculty of IT was established due to the information revolution and the urgent need of the Palestinian society to cope with it so as to manage all areas and aspects of modern life. The faculty has followed the university's policy of developing new disciplines and keeping pace with the changing needs of the market. IT Faculty follows the national and international quality standards. 


Faculty of IT seeks to offer specialized programs that meet the needs of the Palestinian society. 

Faculty of IT is characterized by the use of electronic technologies and support of scientific research. This faculty is looking forward to coping with the latest global development and to preparing specialists who are capable of exploiting modern electronic technology. 
This faculty attempts to achieve the following goals:
  1. Building up distinguished academic character.
  2. Developing a spirit of creativity and criticism, keeping up with the latest technological science, and developing students ‘scientific and technical capabilities. 
  3. Meeting the needs of local and Arab community in the field of information technology in accordance with local and international quality standards. 
Faculty Features: 
The IT faculty incorporates the following aspects: 
  • The uniqueness of disciplines 
  • The use of electronic technology to support education and to facilitate communication.
  • Continuous development of the academic courses that focus on theoretical and practical sides.
  • English is the study language to facilitate research process and to prepare a generation capable of accessing and disseminating information.
  • Creativity and critical thinking. 
  • Well-equipped laboratories
  • Continuous and effective communication with local community.
  • Conducting training and various scientific activities which contribute to enhancing the overall leadership. 


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