Faculty of Applied Engineering and Urban Planning

It has been established in 2005 to provide local labor market and international institutions with qualified engineers. Faculty aims to keep pace with global development in engineering education and to raise the scientific and practical level of graduates through its programs. 

College Departments:
  1. Civil Engineering
  2. Architecture Engineering
  3. Software Engineering
  4. Biomedical Engineering 

College Features:

  • Providing quality programs.
  • Providing efficient and distinctive academic staff 
  • Using electronic media as a means of modern education.
  • Linking theory to practice.
  • Approving English as teaching language.
  • Following-up and motivating graduates.


Faculty of Applied Engineering and Urban Planning seeks to promote engineering education and research according to national and international standards.
  • Providing the community with qualified graduates for leadership and innovation in various fields of engineering.
  • Providing excellent programs far from duplication with other institutions to serve the community and keep up with international development.
  • Expanding the knowledge in the field of engineering through original research, development and transfer of technology to serve local and regional needs.
  • Developing cooperation and partnership with different educational institutions.
Goals of Faculty of Applied Engineering and Urban Planning
  • Preparing qualified engineers academically and practically to take on responsibilities and challenges that await them in the workplace.
  • Conducting academic and applied scientific research and studies.
  • Providing ongoing education for the community and disseminating of engineering knowledge in public and private sectors through workshops and conferences.
  • Keeping pace with the continued development of engineering sciences and techniques to prepare engineers to be accommodated in development projects. 
  • Providing engineering consulting and developing local, regional and international cooperation with other universities around the world.
Philosophy of the Faculty
  • Creating stable systems.
  • Achieving comprehensive quality in education.
  • Adopting scientific research.
  • Consolidating of ethics
The college consists of three departments:
Department of Civil Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering was established at the Faculty of Applied Engineering and Urban Planning at University of Palestine in 2005 to be one of the most important honorable departments with its outstanding quality and specialties.
Department of Civil Engineering includes two major disciplines: construction management engineering, geographical information system (GIS) and Geomatics.
Department of Architecture
The Department of Architecture was founded in 2005. Students of this department get bachelor of architecture degree after the completion of (163) credit hours. In response to the needs of the Palestinian community, the Department of Architecture plan to allow students to focus on a background concentrations after the third year; such concentrations include Architectural Design, Interior and Urban Planning. The courses in this department are ranked into the following categories: 30 credit hours for the requirements of the university, college requirements (30) credit hours, and the major requirements (103) credit hours including 45 credit hours of concentration requirements. The Department of Architecture is based on a systematic methodology and a set of objectives. 
Software Engineering Department
This department was established to meet the requirements of the Palestinian and Arab users of software management. In addition, the software engineering serves the community in the field of industry and development. 


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