Admission and Registration Deanship

The tasks undertaken by the Admission and Registration are not limited to registration but the deanship follows up the students while studying. The deanship guides them as much as possible to actively engage in work life or continue their higher studies.


Admission and Registration Deanship aspires to provide the best services of acceptance and registration of students of the university in accordance with the latest styles and techniques of modern systems.


Admission and Registration Deanship looks forward to improving its performance through the optimal use of electronic technologies and the employment of qualified staff.


  • This Deanship attempts to achieve the following goals:
  • Following the best ways to choose, accept, and guide students to complete their university studies in accordance with their capabilities.
  • Providing academic advice and guidance to students in order to ensure good conduct and a well-organized graduation plan.
  • Improving the system and procedures of admission and registration and developing necessary means to do so.
  • Checking, saving, and documenting the students’ academic data.
  • Exchanging of experiences in the field of admission and registration with counterparts. 
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