Public Relations and Media Department


The public relations and media department represents a fundamental link between the university and its internal and external audience. Through collaboration and coordination with the various sides at the university, this department promotes UP activities, services and advantages. This department conducts many activities such as conferences, workshops, partnerships, visits, or any activities that serve UP vision and mission. 
This department aims to provide advanced, modern, and distinctive position for UP on local and international levels.
This department seeks to represents UP mission, programs, and services in the community. Also it pursues the university interaction with the community issues through leaflets, publications, communication, and the various activities that reflect UP reality and aspirations.
  1. Strengthening trust between UP and internal and external community.
  2. Enhancing university relations with various institutions.
  3. Fostering ultimate success and accomplishment for a brilliant record of UP.
  4. Conveying university news for more interaction with the community to support the development efforts.
The Department Sections
Media Section
This section is responsible for the following:
  1. Offering Photography and video for visitors and UP activities.
  2. Providing media tools for all UP departments. 
  3. Empowering relations with local and international media.
  4. Covering and pursuing advertisements, news and university activities on the website, newspapers, radio and other media. 
  5. Preparing media and promotional advertising materials.
  6. Launching media outlets to promote UP image in front of local and international audience.
  7. Looking into the university website, department website, and UP newspaper.
Technical Section:
This section is responsible for implementing and pursuing the university technical needs such as:
  1. Preparing the university website design in English and Arabic and designing and updating departments’ websites.
  2. Preparing university newspaper design to include all the university activities and achievements.
  3. Designing publications according to the approved designs.
  4. Editing sound and image of UP communication materials.

Activities Section:

This section is responsible for the success of implementing UP activities and events through:
  • Conducting and directing the university activities and celebrations.
  • Cooperating with the university deanships and departments for implementing activities, conferences, workshops, student programs and events.

Protocol Section:

This section is responsible for dedicated attention of university visitors and management of their tours as follows:
Greeting official and nonofficial visitors, accompany them, paying attention to hospitality, and presenting them to the facilities in the university.
Organizing the entry and exit of the reviewers and visitors.
Supervising the queries and the operator.

Operator and Queries Section:

This section is responsible for:
  • Responding to the students’ and public inquiries.
  • Transmitting students, public, and reviewers inquiries to public relations and media department.
  • Submitting pamphlets to students and reviewers. 
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